Who are You, Who am I, Who are We?

Qvarsebo Coffee was formed in the spring of 2016. As the name suggests, this activity in the small village of Kvarsebo is about four miles outside Norrköping. We are a coffee roastery & cafe that works with introduce specialty coffee to the people.


We have a small Giesen 1,8kg as we roast our coffee according to the slow-roast method in. The coffeeshop was before named Café Margit & operated by Anneli & Conny Söderlund.

Today, the son Patric and his fiancee Angelica have taken over the coffeeshop, located just next to the water, Bråviken, just 2 km from the car ferry that goes to Säter.


Angelica Palmqvist

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Angelica finds peace in standing in the bakery early in the mornings. Brewing and serving coffee is another thing that makes her happy. Otherwise, she is responsible for the office and the administration of making website and posting.

Patric Elb &

Lovis Elb Palmqvist

Putte is mainly a roastmaster. He understands everything that has with gas and pressure and heat to do when working on the sea for many years before he entered the coffee world. He also likes to experiment and brew coffee in an unusual way!


Lovis is our little coffee bean and new addition to the family and the company. She has already been educated by Dad and is very interested in those green and brown beans that take up much of Mom and Dad's time.

Annelie Elb Söderlund

Annelie is our helper and elf. She helps us in wet and dry and has trouble leaving the dish untouched on the sink. We are incredibly grateful because we have her. You will find her smiling in the coffeeshop or in our marketplace before Christmas!

Kvarsebovägen 159 | 618 93 Kolmården | Sverige

Telefon: 070 342 56 68 | qvarsebokaffe@gmail.com

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