When our interest in coffee and the coffee industry started to grow, an idea slowly began to shape. We had a mission to introduce specialty coffee culture in the Swedish homes. Show everyone that coffee has so much more than just bitterness in its taste. What we needed was more knowledge.


We went to one of the coffee's countries of origin, Peru. There we visited, among other things, a biodynamic coffee farm, we learned how to roast coffee on different roasting machines. We did cuppings and learned that fruit tastes very different depending on where in the world you eat it. We got a basic knowledge to start our coffee journey - making coffee!


There in the jungle, the idea was born - Qvarsebo Kaffe.

What is SCAE?

"SCAE Swedish Chapter is an nonprofit member association that collects and supports coffee enthusiasts, barists and companies in quality-focused coffee. Each year the Swedish Association organizes Swedish championships in a number of competition disciplines, trainees in SCAE's Licensing Program, certifies judges and holds meetings for the members. Quality-focused coffee is about traceability, careful sorting, careful handling and an intention to highlight the unique characteristics of the coffee through sustainable relationships all the way from plant to cup. "(Source)

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