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Out on a coffee trip

See Kvarsebo from its most beautiful side with a good coffee in hand

This year we have arranged a really good coffee bag and a map with Kvarsebo's strawberry places. In this way you can enjoy a really good coffee, sandwich and a quiet moment in the most beautiful places our village has to offer.

It is also possible to buy your coffee bag directly in the café, without ordering. 


Coffee trip with Qvarsebo Coffee

Summer and sun. Why not enjoy your coffee and coffee in the green? We have arranged a coffee bag and a map with the most beautiful places to enjoy your coffee near our café.


Your starting point is with us at Qvarsebo Kaffe. Here you buy your coffee bag and get the link to the map below. Then you choose what attracts you the most: to climb the mountain to meet a fantastic view, go down to the water's edge and dip your toes or maybe a forest bath.


Whatever you choose, you can be sure to be accompanied by a good coffee made from beans roasted in Kvarsebo and a homemade coffee.

Your coffee bag contains:

  • 2 cheese rolls

  • 2 cups of coffee

  • 2 Chocolate Balls (Dipped in chocolate and made at Qvarsebo Kaffe)

  • 2pcs Rescued juice optional variety

NOTE! Only bring!

Coffee bag price: SEK 205

Words. price: 254: -

Bathing places

  • The beach

  • The boat pier

Forest bath

  • Pelvis

  • Djupvik


  • Cliffs

Do you have tips on excursion destinations nearby? Feel free to tip us at

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