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Our coffee beans

Qvarsebo Coffee has coffee beans from Latin America and Africa. We select coffee growers with sustainable products and roast the coffee beans in our coffee roastery in Kvarsebo. The range of coffee beans varies according to season and availability. But we always have coffee beans for your favorite coffee.


Do you like sour or floral coffee? Or maybe a cup of dark roasted coffee? We solve it. Feel free to ask us if you have any thoughts about coffee or how you can best brew our coffee beans.

En påse fylld med kaffebönor Nathan Dumlao
Image by Nathan Dumlao

FAQ about our coffee

Where are the coffee beans grown?

Our coffee beans come from Latin America and Africa. They are grown in countries such as Honduras, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru and Congo. Here you can read more about the coffee farmers who have grown our coffee beans.

How are the coffee beans roasted?

We roast all our coffee beans in our own coffee roastery at Qvarsebo Kaffe in Kvarsebo. We use a Diedrich IR12 coffee cheese. Learn more about coffee roasting by doing our course in coffee roasting.

Which coffee is the best one?

Our most popular coffee is Qvarsebo Blend. But whether it is the best coffee for you obviously depends on what you think is good. Do you prefer sour coffee or do you prefer sweet coffee? Do you want black coffee or is your favorite a cafe con leche? Do you brew chemex?

By buying coffee beans and grinding the coffee yourself, you have greater control over taste and fullness. Feel free to contact us and we can guide you in your choice of coffee.

The wet method

- What is washed coffee?

The coffee beans must be prepared for roasting after they have been picked. If you use the wet method, you "wash" the coffee. Water is used to process the coffee berries and prepare them for roasting. The coffee berries are washed in water to remove the surrounding mucilage, a thick and sticky substance that almost all plants and microorganisms produce.

The dry method

- What is dried coffee?

Berry-dried coffee is a special drying process. In contrast to the wet method where the coffee bean is washed in water, this dry method means that the coffee berry is dried in the sun. After drying, the berry is rinsed off and left sweet and incredibly good coffee beans.

What is organic coffee?

We are certified by SMAK to handle organic coffee beans. The range of organic coffee varies depending on the season and availability. We strive to have more organic coffee beans than non-organic ones.


Organic coffee means, among other things, that the coffee has been grown without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers. This means that more animals and plants live in the organic coffee plantations and contributes to greater diversity in nature.


Why does organic coffee cost a little more?

Organic coffee usually costs a few kroner extra. The increased income for the coffee farmers often contributes to higher motivation to grow sustainably. The extra kroner the coffee costs goes to a sustainable salary for coffee farmers, new investments in sustainable cultivation and an extra security in the process of growing organic coffee beans that can be more vulnerable when you do not use pesticides.


So it costs more for us to buy organic coffee. Therefore, the coffee price becomes somewhat more expensive when we sell organic coffee beans. But by investing in organic coffee, we contribute to a better world.

What is Microlot?

Microlot means that you can track the coffee bean and see from which area on the coffee farm the bean comes from. You can also see which day the coffee was picked and follow its itinerary all the way to Sweden and Kvarsebo.


Our Microlot coffee beans have SCA scores of 86+ and they are always shipped immediately after the finished process to guarantee that the coffee is fresh. We usually take home 1-2 bags (Approximately 120kg) of these so it is really first come, first served, when it is over it is over!

Buy coffee in our web shop

You will find all our beans in our web shop. You can buy coffee online and have it delivered to your home. If you buy for more than SEK 300, you get free shipping.

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