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Två kvinnor plockar kaffebönor på kaffefarmen El Balcon, La Palma Central

Coffee farmers & Coffee beans

Good coffee farmers depend on good coffee beans. And good coffee beans depend on good coffee farmers. Therefore, we carefully choose which coffee farmers we work with. Of course we want the best coffee beans and coffee farmers.

Hand som håller i kaffebär

Sustainable development

Our job is to constantly think from an environmental perspective. It involves both creativity and challenges.


We are constantly trying to make our business more environmentally friendly by offering organic coffee, coffee on local ingredients, better materials and by recycling. To offer more environmentally friendly deliveries, we have also invested in an electric bicycle and aim to invest in an electric car.


Our vision is for Qvarsebo Kaffe to become a hub where local traders can sell their goods, where passers-by can charge their electric car with electricity from the café's solar cells while drinking a nice cup of coffee.

2019.09.20_El Balcon, La Palma Central,

Coffee agronomist Marjorie talks about cultivation

“There is no good or bad coffee. But there is high-quality coffee and low-quality coffee. "


Read more about Majorie's work with coffee here.

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