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Coffee at work

Do you also want fresh and good coffee at work? Now you can have our good coffee in your office. We deliver coffee to workplaces in Norrköping, Söderköping and Nyköping.


Contact us for delivery of coffee to your workplace or if you want to know more.

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Coffee at work


The coffee break at work is important. It is a well-deserved break and is needed both to promote group feeling and social belonging among colleagues and to increase creativity at work. Many new ideas and projects are born over a good cup of coffee.



Fresh and good coffee

gives happy employees

We want everyone to drink really good coffee of high quality at work. You who work probably want to drink good coffee and feel refreshed by the caffeine. As a manager, you certainly want your employees to be happy and efficient. Everyone wins good coffee in the office.



Coffee in the office in Norrköping, Söderköping and Nyköping


We deliver our coffee directly to your workplace in Norrköping, Söderköping or Nyköping. Our coffee beans are roasted in Sweden, in our own coffee roastery in Kvarsebo, Kolmården.


What do our customers think?

If there is one thing that flows through an IT company, it is ideas and innovations, but above all coffee in the mugs of both employees and customers. Coffee has almost become a synonym for IT development and demands are made on coffee.


My name is Daniel and I have worked for several years at Centercom AB. I myself have a passion for coffee and after much searching have found the perfect coffee for me. It turned out that it also rusted near me.


Of course, I want the same good coffee at work and let everyone enjoy the same way I do in my spare time. I contacted Qvarsebo Kaffe to see if they could imagine delivering significantly larger packages than I was used to buying. Of course, they could resolve this request and it did not take long before we had exchanged our daily coffee for Qvarsebo Kaffe.


We are often asked by customers what we use for coffee as it tastes so much better than other workplaces they have visited. Of course, we always market our favorite coffee beans Lilith. We can in good conscience propose this for all workplaces.


Since we started with Qvarsebo Kaffe, we have never wanted to change. We support a local company, we get fast and perfect service and not least, we probably get the best office coffee in town (according to us in any case). "

- Daniel, Centercom AB

Contact us to get coffee at work

To get fresh and good coffee to your workplace, you just need to call us  0703425668 or  send an email to

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